Basic and Additional Car Shipping Services in New York

New York stands not only as an economic stronghold within the United States but also on the global scene. This explains why it is considered the world’s financial capital.  For example, the Big Apple city is a major ground for many Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions that service their needs.

It also boasts of having the world’s most renowned stock exchange market. You can click here for more information about this.

Factors such as these are why its population is increasing at an unprecedented rate. This comes with its cons, including the administration’s challenges with the massive influx of migrants. On the other hand, car shipping companies and some other service providers see the brighter side. This is because their services are more demanded in environments such as New York’s.

You should know what car shipping services entail here if you ever need them. That will be addressed here in this article.

Basic Services Offered by Car Shipping Companies in New York

Auto transport companies in the Empire State offer several car shipping services. However, some of them provide more services than their competitors. However, some of these services are basic, and you are expected to get them from just about any option chosen.

Meanwhile, service quality is another subject. Having made this clear, some of the basics offered by these auto transport companies in this state include the following:

Open Transport

This entails the shipping of vehicles using an open trailer. It is the most common method of auto transport, and this is due to its cheaper cost and ability to transport many vehicles.

However, there are more discreet ways to transport your shipped vehicle. Additionally, it offers the least protection from natural elements. As a result, you may have to clean your cars after delivery thoroughly.

Enclosed Transport

This auto-shipping method equally transports vehicles using a carrier trailer. However, the trailer is enclosed to protect the transported vehicle better. This makes it a better option for vehicle owners who cannot stand the exposure that open transport leaves their vehicle to.

Furthermore, it is more expensive because of the extra protection it offers, additional insurance coverage, and very few vehicles that can be transported using it. By and large, people who patronize car shipping companies in NY have to choose between open and enclosed transport.

Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Transport

Auto shipping service providers have drop-off & pick-up terminals. Nearly all (if not all) companies that offer this service operate this way.

Liability Coverage

Car shipping companies in New York are required to have insurance coverage for shipped vehicles. This covers various kinds of damage or losses if they ever happen during auto-shipping.

Many of these service providers have some liability coverage, mainly because it is a significant requirement for being duly licensed. However, it is crucial only to consider companies with sufficient liability coverage.

Additional Services Offered by Car Shipping Companies in New York

The services above are basic. So, all New York companies in the auto shipping business are expected to offer them to clients, at least. However, some service providers continue delivering essential services. They also provide additional services that include:

Door-to-Door Auto Transport

This rules out the need for terminal-to-terminal auto transport, as explained above. Rather than dropping off the vehicle at a drop-off terminal and receiving it at a pickup terminal, it is obtained from an agreed location and delivered to an agreed location. Of course, this costs more than using a terminal-to-terminal service.

Expedited Shipping

There is usually a timeframe for delivery. However, some clients may need their vehicles delivered sooner than the typical delivery time frame. This is where expedited shipping comes into play. As you may have guessed, it costs more than the auto shipping within the usual timeframe.


Some clients may not be able to receive their shipped vehicle even long after it reaches its delivery point. Some companies offer car storage solutions for such clients.

Multiple Car Transportation

Some clients have to ship more than one vehicle. Some auto transport companies offer their services to such clients at discounted rates.

Wrap Up

The services of car shipping companies are necessary for certain people in New York. Even some reputable organizations consider their services a necessity because of how they significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Choosing the right auto transport company is essential when you need this service. Understanding your primary and additional auto-shipping needs will play a huge part in making the right choice. This is why it has been discussed here, and you should make educated choices based on your needs and preferences.