Chris Allen from Oodle Life on Running a Publication and Developing Your Own Products

Be prepared to do a lot of research and always aim to provide value to your audience. Also, be patient and persistent.”__ Chris Allen

Chris Allen, founder of OodleLife), has recently shared his entrepreneurial journey in an interview with Business Upside. He started the venture inspired by his Miniature Labradoodle, Max, and a passion for sharing accurate dog information. Leveraging his health science communication background, he developed quality grooming products like the Oatmeal Dog Shampoo. To ensure trustworthiness, the content undergoes vet checks and rigorous research. Overcoming industry challenges, Chris emphasizes a unique voice and expert-backed advice. OodleLife aims to expand globally, explore new content avenues, and develop branded goods.

Here is the excerpt from the interview:

Business Upside [BU]: Can you tell us about the inception of OodleLife and what inspired you to start?

Chris Allen [CA]: A few years ago, my wife and I finally welcomed a new puppy into our family. After extensive research and preparation, we brought our Miniature Labradoodle, Max, into our lives. My passion for dogs, especially Poodle mixes, and the joy they bring to families inspired me to share accurate and well-researched information about them. So, I wanted OodleLife to be a one-stop resource for family dog advice, hands-on training, and real-world toy and pet gear reviews.

[BU]: As a creator of dog grooming products, what was your approach to developing these items?

[CA]: My background as a health science communicator played a crucial role in this. We developed our flagship Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, focusing on quality and suitability for all dog coats, especially Goldendoodles and Poodles. We also created slicker brushes, ensuring they are high-quality for non-shedding dog coats. As a dog owner, I understand the importance of effective, safe, and dog-friendly products.

[BU]: How do you ensure the content on OodleLife remains relevant and trustworthy?

[CA]: I take the responsibility of providing accurate information very seriously. My experience in the healthcare industry has honed my skills in researching and writing reliable information, constantly referencing the best sources. Our articles are also checked by experienced veterinarians who double-check everything to ensure we help pet parents give the best to their pups.

[BU]: What challenges did you face while establishing OodleLife, and how did you overcome them?

[CA]: One of the biggest challenges was creating content that stands out and is genuinely helpful to dog owners. The pet space is crowded, so establishing a unique voice was crucial. We focused on providing high-quality, expert-backed advice.

[BU]: What advice would you give someone looking to start their online publication or business in the pet industry?

[CA]: My key advice would be to focus on your passion and expertise. In the pet industry, authenticity and genuine care for animals shine through. Be prepared to do a lot of research and always aim to provide value to your audience. Also, be patient and persistent. Success in this field doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s certainly achievable with dedication and hard work.

[BU]: Looking forward, what are your plans for the future of OodleLife?

[CA]: We aim to continue growing as a trusted resource for dog owners worldwide. We’re constantly exploring new ways to enhance our content and product offerings. Additionally, we’re looking at expanding our reach and engaging with our audience through various platforms, including our YouTube channel and Facebook group. This year, we are putting a lot of resources behind developing our branded goods, potentially expanding beyond the existing shampoo and brush.