Explore What to Do in Rotterdam: City’s Top Attractions

This post will discuss what to do in Rotterdam, including seeing its famous skyline, touring its museums, savoring its delectable cuisine, and taking in its distinctive mix of old and new.

Rotterdam is the creative capital of Netherlands. It is home to renowned museums and buildings, hip cafés, the biggest European port, and many businesspeople. This vibrant, youthful city is sometimes overlooked in favor of Amsterdam, yet the two are incredibly different. The historic city center of Rotterdam vanished during the Second World War due to air strikes. But the city rebounded with bold and striking architecture, such as the Markthal and Cube Houses.

Is Rotterdam a Vibrant and Happening City?

  • Rotterdam is famous for its cutting-edge and contemporary building styles. The city’s dedication to modern architecture is evident in its skyline. Travelers and lovers of architecture go from all over the world to see these architectural wonders.
  • With a wide variety of museums, art galleries, theatres, and music venues, Rotterdam has a thriving cultural scene. The city is a popular travel destination for people interested in the arts and culture since it holds several festivals and cultural events annually.
  • The varied cuisine of Rotterdam reflects the city’s multinational populace. There are many different types of restaurants, street food carts, and marketplaces throughout the city that serve foreign food. Everything from international cuisine to Dutch delicacies may be found in Rotterdam.

What to Do in Rotterdam? Do Five Best Things

Rotterdam is the second-biggest city in the Netherlands. A bustling metropolis skillfully blends modern innovation with a rich heritage. Rotterdam is fantastic, as the introduction could imply! It has grown to be one of our favorite spots on earth because of Hannah. Discover what to do in Rotterdam in addition to shopping at the Koopgoot.

1. Markthal

Rotterdam’s Markthal, which opened in 2014, has grown to become an icon for the city. This 40-meter-tall market hall is designed like a horseshoe, with many eateries and food vendors within. It is also feasible to visit in the winter because of the massive glass facade that keeps the cold out on both sides. The roof of the Markthal features artwork that is sold in the market, including fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

2. Depot: A Massive Mirror

The Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum has added a new structure called Depot. With access to 151,000 art artifacts, it’s the world’s first depot! The structure is 40 meters high and coated with mirrors that reflect the metropolitan skyline. A Rotterdam sight that is just a must-see!

3. Buying Antiques

If you enjoy browsing antique goods, this is what you should do when visiting Rotterdam. There are several small and large vintage stores located all around the city, offering a wide range of merchandise from shoes to apparel and accessories to furniture. This eco-friendly buying method is really well-liked and typically much more economical.

4. Rotterdam’s Must-See Cube Houses

In the city’s heart, houses leaned 45 degrees against one another, floating over the street. The odd sight known as the Yellow Cube Houses (Kubeswoningen) is the most famous activity in Rotterdam, having been there since 1977.

Except for one that is accessible to the public from 11 AM to 5 PM, almost every house is occupied.

5. Relax in parks or on beaches

There are a few beautiful parks inside the city, such as “Het Park” and “Kralingsebos,”. Here you can unwind in the grass for the afternoon. Parqiet is a charming small cafe with outdoor seating inside “Het Park” by the Euromast.

To spend some time at the beach, ride the subway to Brouwersdam, Ouddorp, or Hoek van Holland. Although these are somewhat calmer beaches, Brouwserdam and Ouddorp are more challenging to reach by public transit.

Does Rotterdam Cost a Lot?

Rotterdam is far cheaper than Amsterdam. There is a noticeable decrease in the cost of dining out, lodging, museums, and activities.

In Rotterdam, one should budget around $740 and $2930 USD per person each week. However, expenses can vary depending on lodging, activities, and transportation.

Final Words

One city that wonderfully captures the perseverance and inventiveness of the Dutch people is Rotterdam. Now you know what to do in Rotterdam? So, this lively city has plenty to offer everyone with its renowned architecture, thriving nightlife, rich cultural scene, and varied gastronomic offerings. Whatever your interests—history, art, cuisine, or just seeing new places, Rotterdam offers a tour into the heart of the Netherlands that you won’t soon forget.