Interview with Matthew O’Sullivan, CEO of Subsidence Repair Specialist Subsidence Ltd

Build a strong network, stay true to your values, and always put the customer first.”_ Matthew O’Sullivan

Matthew O’Sullivan, the CEO of Subsidence Ltd, has recently shared his entrepreneurial journey in an interview with Business Upside. Subsidence Ltd is the leading innovation in UK property subsidence solutions. The company efficiently stabilizes and repairs structures using an eco-friendly resin injection technique. Matthew’s leadership focuses on innovation, customer-centricity, and sustainability, addressing subsidence with minimal environmental impact. He entered the industry to introduce cost-effective and sustainable options, emphasizing the rewards of providing relief to homeowners.

Here is the excerpt from the interview:

Business Upside [BU]: Matthew, please let our readers know about Subsidence Ltd and what it offers.

Matthew O’Sullivan [MO]: Subsidence Ltd ( offers a modern approach to the age-old problem of property subsidence. Our company provides a non-invasive, eco-friendly solution to stabilize and repair homes and business buildings affected by subsidence in the UK. We use a resin injection technique that’s both cost-effective and time-efficient, revolutionizing the traditional underpinning process.

[BU]: As the CEO and an entrepreneur, what’s your philosophy in leading Subsidence Ltd?

[MO]: Innovation is core to my approach. I’m also big on providing customer-centric service and sustainability. I aim to lead by example, fostering a culture where every team member feels empowered to contribute ideas that drive our company forward.

[BU]: Subsidence repair is critical work. How does Subsidence Ltd address this issue?

[MO]: It’s a serious problem if your property is affected by subsidence. We address it by reinforcing the ground beneath structures using an eco-friendly resin. This material is less invasive than concrete and requires much less energy to produce and apply, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. It’s also much less disruptive. We don’t need to excavate. Undertaking the work is much quieter, which clients (and their neighbors) appreciate.

[BU]: What prompted you to enter this industry and take on the challenge of subsidence?

[MO]: The challenge of subsidence is widespread, yet the solutions have recently evolved. I saw an opportunity to introduce a more sustainable and budget-friendly option.

[BU]: Could you offer insights into the challenges and rewards of entering the construction and repair sector as an entrepreneur?

[MO]: Construction is traditionally conservative. However, seeing the relief on a homeowner’s face is hugely rewarding when you provide a solution that saves their home without the expected disruption.

[BU]: What advice do you have for anyone thinking of entering the construction industry?

[MO]: Do your research. This is key. Understand the industry pain points and strive to offer a solution that addresses those issues. Build a strong network, stay true to your values, and always prioritize the customer.

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