Linkedin Sales Navigator Cost, Features, and Pricing

While some have said that the LinkedIn sales navigator is ideal for making sales and leads, others say it helps boost marketing, networking, and business strategy. But the truth is at a reasonable LinkedIn sales navigator cost; you can get more than just the above. Today, with the help of this tool, you can get the most reliable and updated data. But what is it in the first place?

Sales Navigator LinkedIn- Features

Sales Navigator is a product of LinkedIn. This tool is ideal for salespeople by helping them connect to prospective customers and potential leads outside their prevailing network. You can expect to get CRM integration and lead recommendations. This tool will give you access to the biggest network of B2B databases globally, with more than 830 million users on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost – What Are the Pricing Plans?

Depending on your requirements, you can avail yourself of a few LinkedIn sales navigator pricing plans. The Sales navigator pricing structure is as follows-

1. Sales Navigator Core – If you opt for the annual subscription plan, the price starts from $79.99 per user per month or $99.99 per user as a monthly subscription. This is for sales and individual professionals. This is the only plan with the help of which you get access to the LinkedIn subscription that includes LinkedIn Learning and Job Seeker.

What do you get with this LinkedIn sales navigator cost structure?

  • 50 InMail messages per month
  • Open profile
  • Extended access to the Sales Navigator platform
  • Who viewed your profile in the last 3 months
  • Integration with sales-related tools
  • Sales preferences and lead and account recommendations
  • Sales spotlights and Advanced lead search
  • Personalized notes, alerts, and notes (tracking people)

2. Sales Navigator Advanced – The Sales Navigator Advanced is called the Sales Navigator Team. It is designed specifically for the sales teams. The LinkedIn sales navigator cost starts at $125 per user per month if it is yearly billing or $159.99 per user if billed monthly. Aside from the features of the Core membership plan, the LinkedIn sales navigator cost also includes the following-

What Features Do You Get Here?

  • TeamLink and TeamExtend will allow you to leverage the efforts of the team network.
  • Enterprise tools (SSO and Employee Data Integration)
  • Smart links
  • Usage reports and Engagement tracking

3. Advanced Plus Sales Navigator- This Sales navigator LinkedIn plan is highly comprehensive. It offers not just features of the plan itself but more than just that.

What do you get here?

  • Advanced enterprise integrations
  • CRM updates and Data Validation
  • CRM Contacts Integration

After learning about the many features and pricing plans available, the LinkedIn sales navigator cost is worth paying. However, it depends on your networking and sales requirements and how you would like to tap into the potentialities of the tool or the LinkedIn product.