Noblewood Group Hosts an Open Media Day and Shares Its Plans and Achievements

Noblewood Opens Its Doors for Media in Montenegro to Report about Its Achievements

On December 13, 2023, Noblewood Group held its Open Media Day in Montenegro. The company welcomed journalists to the facilities for the first time in 8 months to share its achievements with the general audience. Dmitri Nasalskiy, Marketing Director and Business Leader of the Group spoke on behalf of the company. He outlined the significance of the business for the local economy and drew statistics to back up his words.

Noblewood in Numbers

Since it arrived in Montenegro, the Group has showcased remarkable results:

  • The overall amount of investment that it has attracted exceeds 38 million EUR
  • It employs 214 staff members — and this number is expected to double
  • It has produced over 2.6 million bottles of beverages
  • Its drinks have been exported to over 160 countries

Noblewood has a production and bottling site and an operational office in Montenegro. In the foreseeable future, the company plans to develop in the country actively, thus contributing to its economy, social well-being, and positive global image.

The attendees of the Open Media Day explore the Noblewood facilities in Montenegro

Employment Opportunities for the Montenegrin Population

Of the 214 staff members currently working for Noblewood Group in Montenegro, 172 are employed in Niksic and 42 in Tivat. Initially, this business hired a relatively small group of specialists to take off. Over time, their number keeps increasing. Three years after beginning its operations in the country, the Group plans to employ 400 professionals. It expects to reach this goal by 2025.

The staff works in a safe, comfortable, and inclusive environment. The factory’s equipment is advanced and high-performance. The employees get free uniforms with shoes, have daily lunches with a hot meal, and can take a warm shower at the end of the shift. Their salaries are competitive, and they get a chance to grow professionally. Workers regularly participate in educational and entertainment activities and report high job satisfaction.

The business offers round-year full-time jobs to 90% of its specialists. The fourth quarter of the year was traditionally the busiest period when the company needed the largest workforce. At the beginning of the New Year, 10% of employees joined the reserve. The Group invited them back to their positions in a few months, depending on the seasonal demand fluctuations. According to the Montenegrin laws, it is an entirely legal practice. Seasonal work is much more common than permanent one here. The Group offers employment guarantees even for specialists, but it can take time.

Dmitri Nasalskiy accentuated that Montenegro proclaimed itself the first ecological state on the planet, which is fixed in its Constitution. This is the key reason the Group chose this country to hold its operations. It was a highly natural choice for a business that produces beverages using pure organic ingredients.

Another meaningful factor is the geographical location. From Montenegro, the drinks are distributed across Europe using land transport. Exporters can send ships from the port of Bar to any part of the globe. Based in this country, the Group obeys the local and the European laws. It pays taxes to the Montenegrin treasury, thus enlarging the national prosperity.

The Noblewood staff at the facility

Plans and Ambitions for Further Development

Thanks to Noblewood Group, Montenegro is becoming more and more attractive to foreign investors. From here, the Group exports its beverages to such faraway locations as Australia and South America. The USA, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, and Israel are among its highest-priority markets. The geographic origin of the drinks is indicated on every bottle.

So far, Beluga remains the most well-known factory product. The Group hopes to expand its product portfolio in the next few years. The capacity of the Montenegrin facility is expected to reach 6.5 million bottles per year. The brand awareness of the Group will keep growing internationally.

The business actively promotes its homeland on a global scale. For instance, it held large-scale advertising campaigns in France and Germany. Interviews and advertising materials went live in several industry magazines. The Group systematically sponsors cultural, art, social, and sports events in Montenegro and abroad. These efforts keep cementing the country’s reputation as an ideal location for manufacturing luxury goods and establishing new businesses.