Sky-High Savings: Uncovering the cheapest days to fly

What are the cheapest days to fly? It’s the stuff of legends to think there’s only one day a week that’s best for finding cheap flights, and that day is Tuesday. Like many good legends, this one has some elements of fact. But it isn’t the whole tale.

The truth is that flight costs fluctuate regularly and around the clock in response to demand. Like a grocery shop, airlines don’t replenish their inventory on the same day each week, so waiting to book until Tuesdays don’t provide any savings. However, if you’re ready to travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday when demand is lower than usual, you could discover some small savings.

Ideal Day to Purchase a Flight Ticket

Do you know the cheapest days of the week to fly? No particular day of the week is preferable to plan a flight. Since airline rates vary based on demand, you can get discounts every day of the week.

There needs to be a proper pattern of what day of the week provides the greatest discounts because airlines may run promotions, add more seats to a route, or even cut rates to compete.

We looked at data from Hopper, a ticket booking tool, for departures in April from January through May 2022.

Are there Any cheapest Days to Fly?

  • Domestic flights are most affordable on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

If you’re going domestically, Tuesday or Wednesday are usually the cheapest days to fly.

Tuesday pricing for economy tickets is around 24% less expensive than Sunday peak fares, saving you approximately $85 for each ticket. First-class and business travelers may often expect the same thing.

  • You may escape the Sunday rush by taking flights on Saturday and Monday

After midweek flights, Saturdays and Mondays are the next cheapest day to fly. These days, the typical airfare is between 13% and 15% less. That means you can save $50 per ticket by shifting your departure or arrival date by only one day from Sunday.

What is the day-by-day average cost of international airfare?

What are the cheapest days to fly of the week to fly abroad are Wednesday and Thursday.

Meanwhile, Wednesdays are the least expensive day to fly internationally, so travelers would be prudent to leave that day. Despite this, there is a slight pricing variation across the other days of the week.

The difference between the cheapest and most costly days to travel domestically is 24%. Thus leaving on a Wednesday will only save you roughly 12% in comparison to the most expensive day (Sunday).

Advice for Locating Low-Cost Flights Any Day of the Week

  • Plan your trip one to three months beforehand

There is a window when you should book your ticket before the price increases, even if there isn’t a day of the week that consistently provides cheaper airfares.

There are few last-minute ticket offers, and you run the danger of being unable to board your preferred trip. You should plan 2-8 months in advance when booking a flight overseas.

Use a computer program to do the task. Set a price alert on your chosen travel search engines, such as Google Flights, Hopper, Skyscanner, or Kayak, rather than constantly checking airline costs.

  • Reschedule If you discover a lower rate

Most airlines now offer more accommodating modification and cancellation policies, making it simpler to rebook your travel to get a better deal.

Then, if a better bargain becomes available, you may cancel your original reservation and make a new one at a lower cost. Be warned that you can only receive a travel voucher or credit if you cancel.

  • Be flexible with the airport, destination, and dates

Be adaptable to inexpensive travel. When searching for Google Flights, leave the destination box empty to check if there are less expensive locations to visit. If you know where you’re going, check the airports nearby. And search for cheaper dates using the calendar views.


You should now be prepared to make your next flight reservations as you know the cheapest days to fly. The ideal times to fly are early in the morning or late at night, and Wednesday is the best day to go. Avoiding major holidays and events can help you avoid long lines and expensive airfare.