Tech Writer and Earthweb Editor Jason Wise on Technology and Journalism

“Stay curious, be willing to learn, and always tell the truth.”__ Jason Wise

Jason Wise, Tech Writer and Earthweb Editor, shares his insights and views on technology and journalism in an interview with Business Upside. Specializing in business, finance, social media, and cryptocurrency, Jason selects topics that resonate with tech enthusiasts and the broader audience, focusing on headline-making subjects. Intrigued by the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the evolving role of social media, he explores their intersection. Jason’s research approach combines technical exploration, expert interviews, and market trend analysis to ensure accuracy. He envisions AI agents handling everyday tasks, and Rabbit’s OS from CES stands out as a noteworthy innovation.

Here is the excerpt from the interview:

Business Upside [BU]: Jason, can you tell us about your background and how you ventured into technology writing?

Jason Wise [JW]: My journey into technology writing began with a deep-rooted interest in how technology shapes our world. But I’m just as interested in business and finance, specifically social media and cryptocurrency, both of which have been pivotal in my life.

[BU]: How do you choose the tech topics to write about?

[JW]: My focus is on topics that resonate with the tech community and the broader audience. I look for subjects where technology intersects with everyday life, especially those making headlines at the time.

[BU]: What emerging social media and cryptocurrency trends intrigue you?

[JW]: The rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), its implications for traditional banking, and the evolving role of social media in shaping public opinion and driving political discourse are particularly fascinating. These two intersect a lot. Crypto’s success can be inextricably linked with social media’s ability to disintermediate mainstream media and their gatekeepers.

[BU]: Could you share your approach to researching complex tech topics?

[JW]: My approach involves a mix of deep-diving into technical resources, interviewing industry experts, and analyzing market trends. Ensuring accuracy and presenting a well-rounded view are my top priorities. On a typical day, much of my time is spent in Excel, trawling through data and then compiling that in a report digestible for a broader audience. It’s a lot of work.

[BU]: What future tech developments should businesses pay attention to?

[JW]: Artificial intelligence is, without a doubt, something that will affect everyone, not just businesses. I’ve found ChatGPT a handy tool for data analysis, making my work much more productive. It’s like having the world’s best personal assistant available 24/7. But the real advances are yet to come with AI agents, capable of performing simple everyday tasks like answering phone calls, booking meetings, placing orders, etc. Several announcements caught my eye at CES, but Rabbit’s OS was the one that stood out most (to me).

[BU]: Any tips for aspiring tech journalists?

[JW]: Stay curious, be willing to learn, and always tell the truth.

For more details and insights, visit Jason Wise’s website and explore his work on EarthWeb.

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