What is Intrepid Travel, and What You Can Expect?

Intrepid Travel is a global travel company. It is an adventure travel service provider offering experience-rich and sustainable travel package. Ever since its inception in 1989, this group travel firm has been a pioneer in conducting small and ethical groups. They have been traveling with groups worldwide for more than 30 years now. They are one of the biggest travel B Corporation travel companies out there.

What is a B Corp Company, and Why Has Intrepid Travel Been Named One?

The companies that earn B Corporation certification are the ones that undergo verification from the B Lab for meeting high standards in terms of transparency and environmental and social performance aside from accountability. So, Intrepid Travel has been bestowed with the recognition.

A Great Team!

Intrepid Travel comprises a team of tour operators brands aside from 28 destination management firms. All these companies have a common vision: to change how we all view the world.

What is the Essence of Intrepid?

This company will take travelers of all ages and from any professional quarter of life to different destinations. The tour is usually conducted in small groups. You will be able to experience the place locally. You will get to taste the local flavor from cuisine, local transport, and sleeping.

There are two principles based on which the company Intrepid was set up: responsibility and sustainability.

5 Things to Expect from Intrepid Travel

Whenever you undertake a trip with the company, you can prepare your mind for the following. It becomes easier to travel if you know the circumstances under which you are likely to travel.

1. Small Number Groups

The B Corp travel company takes pride in the fact that they can arrange groups that are smaller in number on average. However, the number will differ depending on where you are being taken. But it usually is at most 10. As such, you can eat, enjoy recreational activities, and all fit together in the same vehicle simultaneously.

2. Local Guides from Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures is an arm of Intrepid Travels. This section is responsible for taking care of the day-long sightseeing trips. Although they will be with your group throughout, every time you reach a new destination, you will also have a local guide to show you around and explain the significance of the place.

3. Urban Adventures Walking Tours

You will get meals for almost all walking tours during the day. They will take you to the local delicacies. Here, you can get a taste of the local food.

4. Accommodation

If you are adventurous enough and have opted for rural travel in these settings, you might be in for a surprise when they take you to a shed for a nap. In urban settings and otherwise, the hotel accommodation is budget-friendly, well-placed, and standard settings.

5. Sustainable travel

Aside from being responsible travelers, Intrepid Travel will reduce carbon footprints, and most of the trips are Carbon Offsets. They prefer to use public transport wherever possible. This is a lot of contribution when it comes to the environment.

In a nutshell, you can try Intrepid Travel for solo travels or group trips. It is sure going to be a trip of a lifetime given the fact that they are a B Corp certified travel company offering standard and quality services to its family of customers.